Spotlight on Staff…Sam

Monday, March 18th, 2019

Meet Sam…she is the Deputy Manager at our Bramley Nursery.

In addition to specialising in the baby room, Sam supports our Manager Linzi in the day-to-day running of the Nursery.

If you have been to look around our Bramley setting you will recognize her cheerful face as she is in charge of Parent Viewings and Show-arounds. Sam’s enthusiastic, bubbly nature means that each visiting parent leaves us feeling like they have gained a friend.

At our Christmas Party Sam’s hard work was recognised and she was presented with a Special Recognition Award by the Leadership Team.
Sam says…

“Winning a special recognition award totally blew me away, I have always enjoyed my role at Little People so the award made me feel like my time and efforts were both recognised and valued. The comments from the management team were lovely and really showed how well you have all got to know me and my personality over the years (being a chatter box probably top of the list) I have always considered parent partnership to be hugely important and like to think this is one of my strengths, getting to know families and supporting them is what I enjoy and do best. Working at Little People for the last ten years has been incredibly special and made me the more confident person I am today. I love my team and all our children and families and I am grateful for all the personal development opportunities that working at Little People has allowed me”

Our Leadership team say…

“Just over a decade ago this lady joined our team. With her bright smile and constant chatter, I can remember Linzi telling me that we had found a good one! She’s gone from strength to strength and we’re delighted that she is having such success in her role.” (Vicky)

“Sam has always shown high levels of commitment and enthusiasm for her role however since taking up her role of Deputy Manager Sam has shown outstanding focus and dedication to promoting the setting and supporting the team whilst developing confidence with new tasks.

One of Sam’s strengths is her ability to make everyone who comes to the setting feel valued, welcomed and important and this is reflected both in the positive feedback we receive from parents about their relationships and also the amount of bookings taken as a result of Sam showing parents around the Nursery.” (Tracy)

“Sam Briggs has on the deputy role with enthusiasm, she always has a smile on her face and is copes well with the unexpected things that turn-up in a professional manner.” (Marguerite)