Spotlight on Staff…Nicola

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Nicola is our Manager at the Farsley Farfield setting having started her childcare career back in 2001. Nicola is well experienced in both management and childcare, and leads her lovely team at Farfield with flare and enthusiasm. She was the worth recipient of the Special Recognition Award at our Christmas Party.
Nicola says…

“I was so pleased to win a special recognition award. I’ve spent a long time trying to improve myself and was completely overwhelmed as I didn’t in a million years think I’d win. Especially as there are a lot of hard working staff members who also deserve to win. It must be hard to choose.

I feel I must have been chosen,  as higher management must have seen the progress and improvements that I am trying to make even when progress seems slow.  Building the team up and focussing on the settings improvements has been a main focus and we continue to make those improvements to support the children and their early education.

The children and families you work with on a daily basis make the job very special. Some children you see grow into independent little people, and the parents are so appreciative. It’s always a sad time when a child leaves to go to school as they leave a lasting impression on you that you treasure. The staff are like family and making the stressful days easier to contend with. The staff pull together and support each other.”

Our Leadership Team says…

“This lady joined us back in 2001, when she was just 19 years old. She’s had a quite a journey with us and we couldn’t be more proud that she is part of our team.” (Vicky)

“Since taking on the role of Nursery Manager Nicola has shown focus and commitment for raising the standards within the setting. In addition to this she has supported the staff team taking time to listen to and value their thoughts, feelings and ideas and incorporated this into the day to day running of the setting. Nicola has been a constant source of support during a long period of turbulence within the management team at the nursery and now she is in the lead role she has made a wonderful impact which is clear to see.” (Tracy)

“Nicola is growing from strength to strength, I have noticed a massive improvement in her confidence. She is a loyal trustworthy member of our team and it is lovely to see her flourish.”   (Marguerite)